My name is Mykhailo Skop, I am founder of art project ( Founded in summer 2015 it is the first and only site dedicated to Ukrainian iconography of all schools and periods.

Icons are important and inseparable part of Ukrainian culture as well as Ukrainian folk music, Ukrainian embroidered patterns and Ukrainian pursuit for freedom and independence.

Since Kievan Rus’ local craftsmen formed the original artistic traditions which developed into dozens of  iconography schools and art centers. There are many examples in history when foreign regents and sovereigns ordered icons particularly by Ukrainian artists. Ukrainian icon painting tradition had combined Eastern Byzantine iconography with vivid artistic approach of Western art.

Unfortunately the 20th century was disastrous for whole Ukrainian culture. Thousands of Ukrainian icons and churches were destroyed by the communist regime, and the age-old tradition was interrupted.

Today, in 21st century, during information era, internet and digital world, we created special resource – – unique project in context of Ukrainian and world culture invoking to promote and revive Ukrainian sacred art.

There are more than 10,000 images of Ukrainian icons on the site divided by subjects and placed in chronological order.


The project also contains history details about the 14 most famous Ukrainian iconography schools


Biographies and info about prominent Ukrainian icon painters:


A short flashback into history of Ukrainian iconography and its most common topics is presented in Iconography section


You can also find number of articles and research materials about icons


Besides there are some rare editions and books about Ukrainian icons in pdf

Книги is exclusive and urgently needed public resource and at the same time it is live research tool. I am spot every new image  of icons appearing on online auctions; follow up all available studies, read and analyze them, and regularly update the Gallery with new information. This kind of work approach guarantees that none of iconographic images will be lost for future generations.

Since was started up its public group in Facebook (See: counts over 2100 members.


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